Friday, August 29, 2014

Dusk. We're running through the woods with a dark, slender man at our heels and wild delight caught in our pale throats. I'm with a boy stuck in a crystal vial where time freezes due to a tragic illness. He is twelve forever and for a moment, so am I. Might I be able to break the curse? I suddenly remember all of those Halloween nights so similar to this one and I think, this is it.  You're paper thin, I whisper. I could break your bones. 

Rachel trips on tree branches and almost gets left behind in the leaves. She is drunk on a heady mixture of vodka and jealousy. Graveyards and secret shortcuts and a vague quest pervade the night until dawn and the boy is too afraid to go farther than kiss and then he is gone forever and I am left alone with the vague sensation that I have been dreaming. 

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