Sunday, October 7, 2012

Forgotten archaeologist attempting to translate fairy hieroglyphics; I knew this, I knew them once, long ago, but now the symbols are just that: symbols; and I no longer remember how to read. Sixteen is too old to be Wendy. 

Sociopathic girl. Your problem is that all the feelings are gone; locked away in some old forgotten Never Never Land. Nothing left but a mean little golem in the metropolitan world; click click, goes the heels. Boys? Accessories, you mean. She tosses them away like the pink wrapper of bubble gum; chooses them like little dogs rich people buy to carry around in purses. Hard to believe she could ever fly, with all that make-up weighing her down. 


  1. Awww, a lost Wendy. I like how you combined her past, of being Wendy, with slowly transforming into an adult who has lost her way. The last line, with the makeup detail, sticks out the most to me.

    1. Thanks Kim. :) I think there are many disguised Wendy's in our world, though it can be hard to spot once they grow up.