Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Pages flutter as we twirl. Our dresses dissolve into a literary abyss; rows and rows of silk scorched by Dickens and flounced by Keats and critically examined by Plath. A castle built of words: a castle built of recollections, I whisper, grounded on the fancies of tap-dancers who will not accredit, poets who will not write. Pan is lost in there somewhere, but the Inquisition will only allow daughters of heathenish Woodcutters to be Finders (and if, and only if, you were so lucky to be an exiled princess: a Searcher). If I am allowed to love, it will be very tragic and very Estella.


  1. Keats would flounce, wouldn't he?
    How lovely this is!

  2. I was torn between him and Shakespeare, hehe.
    Thank you! :)

  3. ): i wish i was as articulate as you; very nicely written

  4. beautiful, your words have their own way to flow.

  5. Beautiful as always, you are one of my favorite writers to read, for I don't simply read your words; my mind goes twirling into a dizzying array and fills with pictures and images playing out your tale. It takes a very good storyteller to do that indeed! You are just so very special my dear, your little land is a joy to explore!

    xx and hugs


  6. I just wish I could immerse myself in your words! This is truly exquisite.
    (Oh, I think you deserve to love much more happily than Estella!)

  7. So, so beautiful, my dear. I suppose we are all in danger of being Estellas, protecting our cold hearts in a chest carved of ice. May the words of your most beloved writers comfort you as you dance with them. x

  8. This is absolutely beautiful.
    Your writing is lovely.

  9. "There are people.

    There are stories.

    The people think they shape the stories, but the reverse if often closer to the truth.

    Stories shape the world. They exist independently of people, and in places quite devoid of man, there may yet be mythologies."
    — Alan Moore (Swamp Thing Vol. 2: Love and Death)

  10. magic. this is magic. and love

  11. Dreams: Don't wish to be more articulate; your style is just lovely as it is. :)

    E: You are so sweet! Thank you! <3

    Jhordyn Ashley: I cannot properly express my gratitude to you. You are the sweetest, most amazing reader a writer could wish for. Thank you. <3

    Melee: Thank you, dearie! Truthfully I wouldn't want to love in any other way. There is something so revolting about my being in love and grown up.

    Thea: Your comments are lovelier than the posts themselves. ;P

    The Owl Diary: Thank you, likewise!

    Cinnamon: Very true! x

    Ivy: You are love, and magic. xx

  12. Wow, thank you so very much for your encouraging, kind words!! I really appreciate the way you interpreted my post. You're very poetic also... thanks so much for becoming a part of my blog. I hope you enjoy what you continue to see!

    Peace & Love,

  13. Wendy (not wendy), I adore you, and your words. You are so Dear to me, and I hope you never forget that. A tale of dresses dissolving and castles built of secrets - you make the most beautiful stories. Full of magic, always. xxx

  14. Yazzie: Your writing is a treat to read. Thank you, dearie.

    Athena: I adore you too!! Oh, thank you, so much. xx

  15. Wow, well said! I loved how you worded the literary journey. I'm glad I stumbled upon your blog - I'm very excited to keep reading along :)